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Tegeria – A Passionate Culture

Are you committed to following your dreams and growing a strong business, facing challenges and building on opportunity? Then Tegeria reflects your ambitions. With strong values and a proud dedication to corporate social responsibility, Tegeria’s European- based company is proud to have a vibrant and talented team who are passionate about delivering outstanding digital solutions to help clients to grow their business.

Dignity and integrity lie at the heart of everything we do. The scope of the project isn’t where the focus stops – Tegeria care about how our work can impact on your business. Volume and fast money aren’t part of our remit. Instead, our drive is for innovation and cutting-edge technologies which will build results for you, so that your vision can become a reality, and you and your business can thrive.

Committed Partners

From when it was founded, Tegeria has been determined to stand out from the crowd, not only because of our ethical principles, but also due to the way we work with our clients. Tegeria doesn’t just supply excellent products and service, we firmly believe in the importance of working in partnership with our clients. Tegeria believes in working with clients to face challenges and achieve your ambitions, bringing a combination of passion, dedication, talent, and solution-driven designs, created to meet each individual client’s needs. We are committed to and inspired by, helping you grow.

Ethical Principles

Although Tegeria is a forward-thinking company, the ethical principles which drive our organisation originate from an earlier time, modelled on the principles and importance of personal relationships and community. From a humble childhood in Communist Albania, Tegeria’s CEO has worked tirelessly to create a passion-driven business that has helped others at its heart. Inspired to provide opportunities to encourage talented young Albanians to remain in the country, whilst also having the opportunity to pursue their ambitions, the Tegeria team have built on the personal experiences and challenges of our younger years to provide young, local men and women with the chances which they themselves lacked.

From the company’s base in Albania, our organisation has established and fully funded TALEAS – a tech academy designed to provide opportunities for talented and ambitious young people in Albania who may otherwise have had no chance to explore their passions or build on their skills. Located in our CEO’s home town, TALEAS perfectly reflects our commitment to give back to local communities. It’s these principles which are at the heart of our commitment to build strong and committed relationships with every one of our clients.

The Power of Empowerment

A vital element of the Tegeria culture is to empower. Equality is a key value of our workplace, and with an inspirational female CEO, Tegeria is a positive example, for women considering entering the tech industry. By embracing a fully diverse and inclusive workforce, Tegeria creates a dynamic environment, reflecting the diversity of our clients all over the world, building successful relationships, partnerships...and businesses.

It is this drive to make a positive impact on the lives of everybody who Tegeria reaches, which makes us so different from our competitors. Within our dynamic and driven environment, the team maintain the fundamental principles that inspire us to listen to and care about our clients and to go the extra mile to help you achieve your ambitions. We understand your challenges and we know how much your business matters to you...and so it matters to us. Ready to grow yet?


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