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CRM Solutions: Focus on your customers

Our vast experience in using, designing, developing, customising, and implementing CRM systems for a number of startups, enterprises, and larger companies, has allowed us to develop a deep knowledge of...

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ETL Streaming Solutions

Implementing ETL and streaming solutions into your processes will greatly enhance the business intelligence of your enterprise because information from a variety of different sources can be combined in a...

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Containers & Cloud Solutions

There are several benefits to having a virtual, cloud-based set up and these include lower overheads in terms of rent and desk space, flexibility on working hours, lower maintenance costs...

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DevOps CI/CD Solutions

Git is the most widely used version control system and it is also considered by many as the gold standard of the sector. A distributed version control system, it works...

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Microservices Architecture Solutions

Microservices or microservices architecture is a way of collecting services that implement business capabilities, and structuring them as an application, therefore helping a business to evolve its technology stack. Implementing...

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NoSQL and Big Data

Big data is providing business owners with the information that they need to succeed and it is giving never-before-seen insight into the behavior of customers, the public, competition and the...

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Internet of Things(IOT)

The Internet of Things is changing the way that businesses work. From tracking assets through sensors and connectivity, to creating innovative business models that integrate IoT technology to help make...

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