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Tegeria are a European based, fast-growing startup; home to a vibrant team who deliver amazing digital solutions for growth focused business clients around the world. With an exciting tech stack, edgy in-house products including Dataplayer and a rapidly growing global client base, including major blue chip organisations, this is an exciting time to join our team.

We are not only committed to servicing our clients but to ‘partnering’ them, during their challenges and to achieve their ambitions, with bespoke, solution driven designs.

As a culture, we have strong ethical principles, cultivating conscientious and forward-thinking individuals and teams, advocating diversity and inclusion and committing to a range of CSR projects as we go.

At what stage of your career are you?




With openings in a range of industries, our core requirements include:

A creative and determined mindset, with passion to deliver outstanding, “out of the box” solutions. We want to shift the ideology to what seems as unachievable, because innovation doesn’t set any boundaries.

It takes resilience and commitment to be a part of the team. Challenges will definitely accompany you through the journey, but so will growth and opportunities.

We don’t focus simply on what we do, we also care how we do it. Our values and the way we behave are important to us. Tegeria is committed to building a culturally diverse workforce. We are committed to equality of opportunity and welcome applications from individuals, regardless of their background.


For students and graduates


Our offered support in helping people build a career have their roots in the strong culture of empowerment. The journey begins with our little seed of inspiration: Taleas; the tech academy designed for an ambitious and talented community. Any young person can be gifted in their own special way, but a lack of opportunities or confidence may hold that intelligence and creativity back.

We are devoted to leaving a social impact, and that starts with the inner team we build.

What are the criteria to become part of Tegeria?

In any given opportunity, we push the ideology that you can learn any programming language or a set of skills if you put your mind to it. But integrity, work ethic, and the passion to deliver solutions beyond the given limits and expectations is something that can’t really be taught.

Our work environment isn’t something you may encounter on a daily basis.

We like to challenge our teammates (because yes, they aren’t just employees to the company), and help them explore abilities they may not even know they possess.

A chance to grow

And it’s not only limited to a technology scope. Our program pushes boundaries on soft skills as well, because mastering expertise doesn’t contain restrictions.

Become a tech-savvy individual, through the work experience with cutting-edge technologies, and the support of our accomplished internal team.

What are you made of?

The benefits are countless, but are you up for the challenge? What set of features makes you stand out?

Don’t be shy to introduce yourself. Get in touch with our team and show us the determination and passion this industry craves. Let’s have a conversation about your future in tech!