Tegeria – Empowering Growth

Who are we?

Tegeria is a Digital Transformation Company. We empower growth through cutting-edge technologies and the power of people.

We strive to make your vision for a thriving business a reality, by implementing innovation and solving your complex challenges. With a strong technology backbone, values, and a proud devotion to corporate social responsibility, we aim at being at the centre of tech evolution. Here you can get the best CRM for your tailored needs and more accessible products that make BAU quickly delivered.

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Our Vision

Our vision is more than just offering IT solutions, we want to be the Partner who helps you through the entire Growth process, enabling you to become bigger and better, every step of the way.

The Future Together

Alongside our partners, we shape technological ecosystems with innovative architecture and R&D

Agile Best Practices

We harness agile methodologies and processes, powered by analytics, to solve complex business challenges.

Creating Cross-
Industry Business Impact

We decipher uncommon industry challenges by leveraging cross-industry expertise.


We combine expertise spanning software, microservices, dev-ops and more. Brought together to make the magic happen.

Growth Journey

Learn how we accompany our customers step by step towards empowerment and growth.

  1. CRM Solutions

  2. ETL & Streaming

  3. Containers &
    Cloud Solutions

  4. DevOps CI/CD

  5. Microservices
    Architecture Solutions

  6. NoSQL and
    Big Data

Where Are You Now?

Where We Have Been

From Australia to Estonia, onto Algeria, Germany, and South Africa – our work has taken us far and wide. The next stop? All four corners of the globe. Explore our international successes here.

Case Studies

In today's tutorial, we'll walk through the process of whitelisting IP addresses for an S3 website hosted via CloudFront...

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Prior to this solution, Tegeria had witnessed the dependency each business has on proper data collection and rightfully ...

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A positive experience that a client has whilst browsing your online store will have a massive impact on the revenue the ...

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Our Partners


A tech academy designed to provide opportunities for talented and ambitious young people who may otherwise have had no chance to explore their passions or build on their skills. TALEAS is the program that identifies talents and prepares young people for a complex journey towards growth. We achieve that by exercising a strong coaching and engagement culture, showing the importance of perseverance. Aside from being mentored by our internal team, the members are also backed up by an international network of the world’s most accomplished professionals.

TALEAS was created and based exclusively in the world of technology. However, as we’ve previously established, limitations aren’t really a part of our ground principles. Surely in the years to come, we’re committed to expanding and exploring distinct areas, some of them
including Marketing, Design, Writing, and so much more.

Starting soon, with TALEAS Teenagers and Kids.

Have Dinner With Us

Care to join us for dinner?
Tradition and establishing authentic relationships are initiatives we continuously build upon. By dwelling in nutritious food and conversations, our discussions push the boundaries of ideas, challenges, and solutions. With dynamic events always around the corner, we invite you to connect ahead and join us in giving a positive contribution in the tech industry and everything digital. Because we value intimacy and genuine connection, this is an invite-only dinner. Each of the guests can offer a unique perspective, thereby leaving an impression on the rest. If you would like to be a part of that experience, contact us in the form below. In the meantime, here is a preview of what you can expect.

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Where Tegeria is mentioned

We are honoured to be mentioned in some of the most prestigious publications, and share stages amongst other brilliant thought leaders. Here are some of them:

Diana Xhumari in the Fourth Day Public Relations White Paper.

In most businesses, leaders drive the essential sense for direction and ethos. Their vision, morals, and personality hav...

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Tegeria in “The Times”

Are AI and sustainability the perfect match? As with many tech solutions, artificial intelligence takes vast amounts ...

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Our CEO attends Davos 2020.

Our CEO Diana Xhumari attended Davos on its 50th anniversary. Each year, within the heart of Switzerland, business lea...

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The Business Show, UK’s Largest Business Exhibition

As well as getting to chat to attendees at our exhibition booth, our very own CEO, Diana Xhumari, spoke at UK's largest ...

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