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Tegeria in “The Times”

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Are AI and sustainability the perfect match?

As with many tech solutions, artificial intelligence takes vast amounts of energy to create and implement. However, given the many ways it can aid sustainability projects, do the pros outweigh the cons?

 explores this topic in Raconteur. He interviewed  Diana Xhumari, the CEO of our company, who shared these insightful thoughts (amongst others) :

“… It is easier to criticise and alter a machine than ourselves, algorithms and AI can help make us more conscious of our own biases. Distancing ourselves from the decision-making process is making us more logical and fair.

For the first time, we are talking openly about unconscious biases and how to handle them, so we don’t discriminate against anyone, either through technology or human interaction, especially in the workplace.”

You can read the full version of the article, which was published in “The Times”, here:


P.s We are on page 12!

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