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Internet of Things(IOT)

The Internet of Things is changing the way that businesses work.

From tracking assets through sensors and connectivity, to creating innovative business models that integrate IoT technology to help make businesses work better, the IoT is infiltrating every sphere of business.

IoT Gateway

An Internet of Things gateway is a piece of software or hardware that acts as the connection point between the controllers, sensors, and intelligent devices, and the cloud. Any data that passes between the cloud and these devices must pass through the gateway. These gateways can also be referred to as intelligent gateways or control tiers. These gateways minimise the volume of data that is then forwarded onto the cloud, reducing response times and network transmission costs, and they also provide additional security for the IoT network and its data. Tegeria are able to help you decide which IoT gateway best suits your needs, and we can help you design, deploy, and develop a full integration with your business or product needs.