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Robotic Process Automation

We take the robot out of humans.

Running a business in this modern world most probably involves lots of repetitive processes. Robotics Process Automation(RPA) is a new emerging technology that allows organisations to automate these manual and rule-based tasks performed by humans.
Its benefits range from costs savings, to process improvements, enhanced customer experience, increased compliance, and much more. Tegeria’s experience with these solutions offers enterprises the possibility to make changes faster and incorporate new automation as your business develops over time. Implementation, however, is only the first step in the process. We accompany you during the whole journey, with adaptation always being part of the course.

Sectors where RPA is used and implemented include:

Banking & Financial Services

Health service
Transport & Logistic

RPA allows you to establish how your business deals with simple and complex repetitive tasks. It is a transparent and flexible solution, offering autonomous collaboration within your organisation as well.

There are numerous tools that can be used to automate all these previously mentioned tasks. However, we have had our experience with the three leaders of RPA tools and witnessed their uniqueness and comparisons:

  • UiPath.
  • Blue Prism.
  • Automation Anywhere.